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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, I know this is a knitting blog, but, you can forgive me this one time..can't you? I've been beading lately. I blame my mother. She got me into it. She took me here. I was in love! Beads, beads..BEADS! Holy cow the beads. I got beads for my knitting, and just a few for some necklaces.

Wanna see?

I thought you'd say that. :D

Bronze medallion. I love this one. It's probably one of my favs.

Not sure what those stones are. I think they're coral or a turquoise. I'm not sure. I have some red beads like it.

An attempt at wrapping stone beads. This happens to be Rose Quartz.

Bee necklace. Farmer's market inspired. I love the honey that's homemade.

This was actually an earring that was in a kit. I don't have pierced ears. So...I made it into a necklace. Added my own beads to it. I really like this one.

Drop necklace. Rose Quartz.

I originally had the drop pendant above on this necklace, but I didn't like it. So, I kept it plain. My first attempt in wire twisting. Actually, I was surprised by how easy it was to get it to stay. The wire itself would twist so the necklace wouldn't unwind.

Simple one. I liked it. Dropped half the necklace last night trying to put my ad on Ravelry. Oy. My carpeting is FULL of beads right now.

I love, love, LOVE this one. It's olive jade. I made it all green. I wanted it to be a little chunkier. I think when I go back, I might get some raw chunks and add them to the necklace. It's a bit plain right now, but I love that pendant. Such a beautiful color.

Of course we had to go back. When we turn the corner down the road to the bead monkey, my daughter (who's in love with beading) sees the store and yells, "There's the bead monkey! Stop the car!!" She's cute isn't she? Didn't matter that we were on a busy highway, she was ready to roll out of a moving car and run into the store. I was able to keep her in her seat as we pulled up into the parking lot.

She went through the store, picking each little bead. I'm impressed, most kids would be shoving beads into a bag. She took about a half hour and picked each bead she wanted and matching seed beads to go with it. Mentally picturing the necklace she wanted. Grandma bought her a special crystal bead so she could make herself a "princess" necklace.

She made this herself. Wow huh?

Ok, don't think I'm all about the beads right now. Here's a sneak peak of my next project.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Such marvelous projects especially the first one. Simply beautiful!

Your daughter is too adorable. I love her necklace!