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Sunday, March 4, 2007


I always have to do something new with my artwork and crafting. I love to try new mediums. This week I tried working with painting on glass. The mediums I used were a glass enamel paint that seemed a little....chunky. They dried really quickly it seemed.
My first attempt at painting was just a little "sign" on my coffee cup that said coffee. Course that's a little obvious. I'm thinking of making a cup that says.."don't piss off chicks who use pointy sticks."
Instead, I got caught up in painting a Cinderella mug for my daughter. It just kills her to know that it's going to take an entire month to cure the paint. So, every day she asks me .."is my princess cup done yet!!??" LOL.
Well, check it out. I think it's pretty good for just looking at the picture and painting without any guide line. Except, I'm not too pleased with how my daughters name turned out. LOL. It was more like a last minute thing where my daughter says, " but doesn't have my name on it!!!!"

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