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Thursday, March 8, 2007

New knitting object?

WOW! That's all I have to say. Clessidra socks from the new knitty issue look absolutely divine. I'm quite tempted to start working on these right now. Oh dear, but I have so much stuff "on the needles" that I'm not sure if I have any room left!

There's a lot of new stuff up. A lot of stuff that I'm tempted on making. I so want to make myself a new pair of socks, but my husband likes my knitted foot wear a bit more than I do. That brings me to an interesting story. One year for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a $50 gift certificate to the local yarn store. I was absolutely stoked about it all. I wanted to go right away and buy a bunch of sock yarn.

I found this neat black and red striped yarn that was soft and durable. I thought that these would make awesome socks. Well, I went home, casted on and started knitting my new dream socks. My husband, obviously curious about my new project, queried about what I was making.

"Socks" I simply replied, my nose buried deeply into the yarn, pattern and needles.

"Oh, I'm not a fan of knitted socks." He stated as he dropped into his computer chair, which of course was a further statement of his distaste for knitted foot wear. "My grandma made me a pair once, they hurt to walk on and they also looked a little goofy."

"Maybe they were made from the wrong type of yarn. Sometimes you have to have the "right" yarn. Like this one, it's reeeaallly soft." I interjected this comment as a way for him to have a slight desire to slip on the luxuriously knitted garment.

He yanked off his white cotton sock and stuck out his foot, with an expression of the same stubborn attitude I've seen on many occasions. With this he told me that he wasn't going to be swayed. There was nothing I or the sock could do to change his mind.

I simply slipped on the sock, still protruding four needles in the middle of the foot. I had no idea that this simple act would have a 'Cinderella-like' transformation on my husband. No, he didn't turn into a shimmering blue diva twirling in an unkempt garden swooning over his prince..(although..that would be quite funny to see).

No..his face simply went from a stubborn refusal to comply, to mere appreciation, to a complete and utter love.

"OOOooohhh!" The pleasure on his face resembled that of a disheveled and stressed woman finally slipping into a hot relaxing bath at the end of a long day. "These ARE nice...could you make them big enough for me to wear?"

"SURE!" A mixture of excitement and victory sang in my voice. I merrily went on my knitting way unknowing of what lay ahead.

A few days later I finally finished my socks. I held them before my husband as if they were matching holy grails basking in divine light. I beckoned for him to touch and adore my handy work knowing now that he was now subservient to their luxurious fibers. In a way, I half expected him to fall to his knees before them and give prose of love, adoration and respect for my hard work.

Like I said...half expected. Instead he simply slipped them on and stated.."mmm I like my new socks."

I smiled at him, assuming that he was of course kidding and just expressing his pleasure in them.

An assumption of course. He suddenly turned around and continued to type at his computer. After a few minutes he shot a "Thank you" over his shoulder towards me.


It was this moment I realized..I'd been had. I could only look at my newly finished project from beneath the seat of a computer chair. The silence was filled only with the sound of my poor red swollen fingers pounding from arduously working on tiny needles.

I hear you asking..had I ever tried them on? I don't think I ever had the chance to. Although, I did once get close to them enough to touch them. My husband one day seemed dismayed with his finely knit treasure.

"What's wrong hun?"

"I think I wore out my socks...can you fix them?"

"Well what seems to be the problem?"

He simply lifted his foot for me to see the bottom of a well worn sock. Two huge holes were gapping in the sock. Patches of pink sole peaked out through them.

"um...I could, but with how big these holes are I might as well knit you new socks.." I was joking..joking I say! Oh my, what did I get myself into? He smiled at me and with an excited gesture he said.."Ok, I wouldn't mind a darker color this time. Maybe a green or a blue. Oh and if you want you can put a simple pattern in it, nothing too frilly, just a simple one..oh and..."

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