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Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Fiber!

I'm excited! My husband just splurged on me big time! See...this is about 14 pounds of fiber! Wow, I feel loved. A lot of it is Colonial and Merino in all different colors. I got it all from a wonderful seller online named Glenda. She runs a fiber based online website called Blue Goose Glen. I would definitely refer anyone I know and who's interested to check her out. Her prices are great, she's so nice, and her service is excellent!

Put it this way, when my husband put in the order, our pay pal account had our old address and bank information on it and instead of freaking out, we called her and got it straightened out very quickly. She was so impressed with the large order she even threw in a pound of white merino for free!!

Yep, there's the darn cat sitting there. Believe me, I tried to take a nice picture of just the fiber, but he wouldn't let me. Ever since I opened the wool he's been like an unsightly growth on top of the bags. (At least I know it's real wool!)

The drop spindles were from a great seller out of Wisconsin, their store is called Ma and Pa's Spindles. Their spindles are great, inexpensive and wonderful for beginners. Both spindles are sold in a pack for $10. I'm having the best week. I guess this makes up for being the only person to NOT have a vacation this month. (My mother and step-father went to Greece, then Las Vegas and my husband now left for Boston. Believe me, I'm feeling the need for a break too!)

There he is again. He weighs about 17 pounds, can you believe it? He weighs more than all that wool.

I strongly suggest you check out Glenda's online store. She also sells Merino Silk! Love the stuff, I got 2 oz of Lichen Green. I'm planning on spinning it into some fine yarn in order to make a stole. When my husband gets back from Boston, I'll be able to take some pictures of my yarn. I'm loving the stuff!...

..And so is Mike my cat.


Valerie said...

Awww your hubby is awesome. I can't wait to see what becomes of it all. Also your cat is too cute! I also have a 17lb cat. No matter what we do he doesn't lose any weight, in fact he gained depsite the diet we put him on. -=giggle=-

Kirsten said...

Oooooh, now I have to go check out those links! Enabler!!
That is one cool hubby!

katsai said...

wow, you are one lucky pup!!

I found my way over from knittingpatterncentral, and wanted to thank you for posting the baby mittens pattern :) but could find the comment button :( They're so cute! Thanksyou, i will have to try them ;P

Kristi said...

Aha! I found it. Now I know what 14 pounds looks like ... wow. I guess I should know too, there's probably that much in my apt. ;)