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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The yarn that lied

I made these wrist warmers (the pattern originally from luck trying to load it.) from what I thought was wool. I had gotten 4 large skeins from my step-father's mother (I guess that would make her my step-grandmother). She had been moving from a larger home into an assisted living apartment and needed to get rid of a lot of misc. crap that accumulated in her home. She's a shopaholic and loves a good bargain, so needless to say some things became buried beneath maelstrom of cheap knick knacks. Out popped these 4 off white/cream colored skeins of yarn that she gave me.

I thought for sure that these were wool.

Now...I'm not so sure. Whatever I had knit with them either lost their shape fast from the sweat from my hands (a sure sign of wool) or didn't block well..(a sure sign of acrylic). So, I'm baffled. These wrist warmers itch like a sheep allergic to lanolin ( I thought that was funny..I just came up with that one.) but they didn't block well at all. I had done a scarf out of the same "wool" for my mother for Christmas. It didn't block well at all! I laid it out and pinned it so precisely, and when I picked it up, nothing. It bounced back into the shape it was before. So...needless to say I'm a little miffed. Now, I hardly wear these and every time I put them on I see how skewed the shape has become and throw them back into the mitten box.

I know..I should reblock them, but I'm still too disgusted to look at them. Another good clue about their true fiber content is that my cat wants nothing to do with them. I made a bunch of coasters from lamb's pride and nature spun wool and he LOOOVVVEED them. It didn't matter if they were wet or not, he laid on them while they dried after felting. These wrist warmers? Nothing.

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