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Monday, February 26, 2007

Knitting brings out the inner demons!

See this swatch? Isn't it just adorable? It's not mine. That's right..a swatch of yarn was knitted in my house...and not by me. Who then could have knitted this swatch? Well, my husband..that's who. After finding out about my mathematic perils, he said something that would make any woman fall over. "Teach me how to knit so I can help you."

Ok, now I thought that teaching him would be quite hard. It wasn't. He's actually a quick learner and seemed to be enjoying it.

Now we all knit for our own reasons. I do it because I love it and it helps me to relax. Actually most people love it cause it helps us to relax. My husband on the other hand has discovered that knitting actually helps your inner demons come out. Or at least the swearing kind.

"Now..bring the yarn around the back of the needle. Bring it through the stitch.."


" pull the stitch off the needle.."


"..And just repeat that!"

"#&*@#! Is it supposed to look like THAT!"

"Um..I don't think so. I think the stitch is a little twisted. That's ok, you can just..."

"%^#*@! I'll just start over!...#%@#$!! How do I cast on again? NO! Don't tell me..I got this...Ha! This is easy. $%@#!"

Yep. And he popped the most unusual comment on my last night. I decided to put some of the math I ..*ahem*..learned to work and make a camisole. "I really liked knitting." Now, I think he's just telling me this to make me feel better about it. Maybe he felt that if he told me he didn't like it, I would be hurt. "It's ok hun, you don't have to tell me this to make me feel better."

"I'm not. I actually liked doing it. Maybe tomorrow night I could do it again..and this time make something?"


" fuzzy dice for my car or something."


"You seem surprised."


You betcha! He even said good bye this morning and talked about the pattern he wants to make! Wow. I'm actually quite happy about it. And the neatest thing is..he seems quite proud about it. Most men would shy away with a "That's stupid man!". Him? He puffs his chest out and holds his pointy sticks of virtue and proudly proclaims his pleasure for his newfound talent.

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