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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knit Out 2007

I got some awesome pictures from the Knit Out at the Mall of America! It was pretty impressive..but really crowded. I went with my friend Julie (she's new to the knitting scene, so this was a great introduction to it.)
They even had cameras there! This was the "knit off". You know..where you sit for 3 minutes and knit as fast as you can and see how much you can knit. That was an awesome competition.
Lion brand booth. We got some awesome stuff. Except that lady looked really tired. She kept downing her coffee like it was nothing. Must have been a LOONNNGG plane ride LOL!

They were giving away bunches of stuff at these booths. This is the bernat booth. I think we just got patterns here..I'm not sure...we got a lot of stuff, that I do know.
...and I wanted to take a picture of the lines that were there. They were huge! I think the lady in the poncho thought I was taking a picture of her and her handy work. LOL..oh well, I won't tell her otherwise :).

This is all the stuff I got free from the booths. My cat LOVES the boa yarn. He keeps grabbing it and rubbing his face into it. My daughter has already proclaimed that the boa yarn is to be made into a dress and pair of shoes for her Ariel doll. I'll have to make a cat toy as well. Oh! And fill it with cat cat would keel over from pleasure overload!

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