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Friday, February 9, 2007

First posting.

Isn't it interesting that every first posting on a blog usually titles itself with a.."first posting" or "my first blog" or even "I have no idea what I'm doing and my husband is afraid I'm going to blow up the computer, but hello anyways." I'm in between the first and third. Yeah, I have to confess, this isn't my first attempt at a blog. I've had...other blogs before this one, sorry this isn't my first. But, you'll still love me anyways...right?
Anywho. I have a love for knitting. I'm 23 and find myself desperately seeking out elusive yarn stores so I can fondle their great big balls of hair and fiber. My husband has so lovingly deemed my passion my "porn". Yep, that's right, I said it. Porn. I think it started when I would wait for him to get off the computer (which ended up being late into the night..him being a website designer after all) and me then sneaking onto the computer in the dark to sneak peaks at patterns for sale and free.
Now, I have such a deep love for knitting. I used to look at it in wonder, "How do those women make such beautiful garments from two skewers? It looks so deadly yet..intriguing." Now that I myself am a knitter, I have one more thing to conquer. Designing. I've got great ideas and have scribbled hundreds of them in notebooks, on the computer, my sketchbooks (my other assumed identity I'm an artist) and even backs of receipts. The only thing that I find hard is the math.
Math makes my head hurt, cramp and even go into convulsion. I spend more time trying to understand WHY than knowing that it JUST DOES. I drove my math teacher bonkers. Fractions were something beyond me. So, if anyone out there has a good tip on how to come up with working out the math..let me know. :)

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