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Friday, February 16, 2007

Oogie's Hat

AWWW...isn't he just cute. This is my 4 month old Donovan. I hardly ever call him that..I usually call him Oogie. LOL.

The hat I made from some left over yarn I had tucked into my knitting shelf. (Which has become a disaster area by the way.) I think it's a red heart or mainstay brand..believe me..if it's going to end up full of slobber and drool I really didn't want it to be a wool hat.

Hmm..NOTE: Idea for baby hat...make one with chewy toys on it.

I also used Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns for the pattern. I'm happy with it..but, I find that the decreasing for the crown is a little too sudden for me and gives it a rather puffy look that I'm not fond of. But, all in all it's a great pattern. I'm just picky, LOL.

I thought he was just adorable in the hat. His head was so big when he was born that the newborn hat I made for him didn't even fit! Poor little baby swaddled in his receiving blankets with a hat that just sat on top of his head and wouldn't even stretch over his ears. LOL..he looked like a little elf. This hat was actually a 6-9 month hat. (Yeah..he's a big baby)

I'm in the process of making him a teddy bear with "Oogie" embroidered on it. I think that it'll be a great token of his name when he's far too old for me to call him my Oogie.

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