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Monday, September 8, 2008


Flora is now up for sale in my online store!

Type of Pattern: Scarf

Measurements: 13.5" x 50"

Needle: #5 Straight

Yarn: 400 yards of lace weight yarn (Sample shown in Knit Picks; Shadow, 100% Merino/440yards)

Minimum Yardage: 400
I omitted the gauge seeing as it doesn't really pertain to the pattern. But I measure it at 5 sts = 1" for those who want it.

Isn't she gorgeous?! I love it. It's light and airy, but warm. I was amazed at how it covered the neck being made of lace, but it's fabulously thick for such a light garment.

See, doesn't it just drape beautifully?

I took some pictures outside to show you how it looks in natural light. I've been having a hard time capturing the actual color in my photos. It's green, but not this yellow.

Fuzzy photo of myself wearing the scarf. Why is my hair THAT red in this photo??

A close up of the construction of the scarf. It's picked up from the border and knit upwards. I was amazed at how simple and quick this scarf is. You can simply make it longer if you want, but I personally have a hard time balancing long scarves and other wintery items. So, I like to keep it a little shorter.

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Monika said...

This is a beautiful scarf! I don't know when I will get to it, but I will eventually. Great job! Is it up on ravelry yet?

Angelika said...

That pattern is sure gorgeous and now I wish I would have waited for that one to use my cashmere on, but it's too late to rip the other one now.

Batty said...

Very pretty! I think I'll have to dig around for my lace yarn...