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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New sweater idea I said. Math and I do not get along. I got along just fine in high school, so confident that I artist..would not need it. Specially when that jerk of a math teacher I had was just as smug that I would.
Who knew he'd be right. Now..I have so many beautiful patterns I want to make..and then the math comes. My head begins to collapse in on itself and I become a vegetable completely gapped out and staring at the piece of paper wondering when the math will do itself.
To the left is a picture I doodled last night of an idea I have for a sweater/tunic I want to do. I think maybe a burgundy with black borders. I'm thinking making the borders a seed stitch..that way they don't curl but they are flat. I don't need a ribbing on it since it's supposed to be open a bit.
I think the laces on the bottom, sleeves and collar is quite sexy. I see this being worn over a pair of jeans..just casual looking but a little formal all the same.


Kirsten said...

Beautiful sweater and drawing!
I hope you work out the math, you might surprise youself at what your "artist's mind" can do. I was the same type of HS math student (also went on to art school). But when it comes to knitting math, something just clicks. Good luck!

Cirilia said...

Hi, this is random but I noticed your comment about Branching Out over at Eunny's blog--I just wanted you to know that your stitch count is supposed to vary from row to row! This drove me crazy as well, but it's totally normal. Good luck with future attempts.

Valerie said...

This pattern is beautiful! Did you ever create it ?

Hattie said...

That's totally cute! You should see my sketches lol. I consider myself an artist but they are nowhere near that quality. :)