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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shawl update

Well, the shawl is almost done. I know it doesn't look long enough, but another 16 pattern repeats and she will be done and then blocked to her full potential. I'm hoping to have her done by this weekend. This is knit in Buckingham from Plymouth. It's soooooo incredibly soft.

It's a CO of 95 stitches instead of the recommended 55 for the scarf. It knits up to be really wide. When one edge held to my neck the other reaches past my elbow. Ok...not exact measurements so far, but when she's blocked, then you'll know.

It took me a little bit since I've been working on other projects for Plymouth as well. Here's a cute little baby sock. It's going to be offered in 6-9 months and 12 month sizes. I love it. So does oogie.

Oh, and here's some more pics of the yard behind my apartment. Yeah, I only wish this was my yard. I think she's strayed a little far from her forest and into the wrong part of town, since there's a highway right beyond those trees. I don't think she crossed it no worries. :D


Valerie said...

That shawl is looking beautiful!! I am sorry, while most of your pictures I think are adorable. I can't stand deers. Why? $1,500 worth of car damage. That's why. -=giggle=-

Monika said...

You are pretty quick with that shawl. Can't wait to see it all blocked. The sock is so adorable. Is it as soft as it looks? I love deers, stupid humans have to take away all their space. ;o)

Vyvyan said...

I live in a woodsy part of our city and on occasion get to see deer in our back yard. Sometimes they'll walk across the driveway, down to the street and into the neighbors yard. It seems as if they're tame.

Lovely work on your shawl too!

Batty said...

Beautiful shawl, and the sock is stunning.

Kirsten said...

Pretty shawl and sock. Plymouth is lucky to have you onboard!