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Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby doll cami

She's still not done yet, but this is what she looks like so far. I know you can't see it, but down the top is a twin leaf panel lace. It's small enough so no one is going to see anything they shouldn't and open enough to add allure and sexiness to your wardrobe. The top black part is very form fitting which hugs the wearers chest and the bottom is actually 3-4" larger and doesn't do a gradual decrease. I decreased it right before I changed to black...I wanted a gathered fluttery feeling around the waistline. It'll hang down just below the top of the jeans.

The loose threads are already woven in, I just haven't snipped them yet. I usually do that post blocking.

Here's a close up of the lace panel. It'll open up once the wearer puts on the top, which can either be worn as is, layered or underneath a cardigan.

The bottom is a picot edging of about 1". I'm pretty darn proud of the sewing job myself.

The back half is a K2, P2 ribbing to add to give the top part of the cami a very snug fit. The last one inch is a K2, P2 ribbing all the way around to finish it off. I am planning on doing straps, I'm just not sure if I should do fitted straps, or tie straps.

My plan with this top is to have it be cool enough to wear in the summer and snug enough on the top to wear without a bra. Which is something I haven't been able to do since I was in elementary school.

And here's my Oogie. A week away from 10 months and he's already been walking on his own for a month!! He's like his daddy...can't resist a cookie.


Kirsten said...

The cami looks great!

sharon said...

gorgeous cami! great job (cute kid too - great job on that)

Valerie said...

I totally thought you took a picture of your little one throwing up. I didn't realize he was eating. -=blush and giggle=- Anyways, I love that top! It's beautiful!

Shannon said...

The cami looks wonderful. And you have a cutie

Batty said...

What a cute little cookie monster!

And the cami is beautiful.

Wendy said...

That baby doll cami is adorable!

Monika said...

Would love to see your baby doll cami on you. Hope your ankle is all better. How's life with your little pup?