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Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm flashing my stash!

Er...some of it. :D

I found a new place for my yarns. It works perfectly. Before, they were out in the living room on a shelf, then it began to over flow. I should be happy, and in a way I am :D. But, I had to move it into my closet, and tell you the truth, my husband wasn't overly thrilled about having sock yarn next to his underwear. No matter how pretty it was.

So, when my mother moved out of her apartment into a nice 3 bedroom house she gave me the nice bedroom set she had. is nice! My favorite is the long dresser with this nice front doors with hidden drawers. I know they're sweater drawers, but..oh well. :D They make my yarn oh so handy.

The top is mostly cotton yarn, and yak. The yak is underneath the nice buckingham yarn I'm working with for plymouth.

The bottom is mostly knit picks, lamb's pride and miscellaneous.

See how nice that turns out?! I love it! Oh..yeah..and the blur at the bottom of this pic is my son. He loves it too. He loves pulling open the doors and trying to squeeze out yarn between the slots of the drawer openings. That could be a problem in the future.

Full size pic of the dresser. The mirrors are HUGE.

The spinning being done for spun stitches KAL. The green is merino/silk. It's taking a while, I think I'm just dreading doing a whole other whorl of it and then plying it. I just can't seem to get it thin enough. So in the meantime I've been practicing with some Merino (above) and Colonial (below). I'm so tempted to just keep them singles since they're going to be lace weight anyways.

Oh..and here's a close up of some of the stuff in my stash. They were left over from plymouth so, the creative director just sent them to me. One of the perks of working for a yarn company? You get free yarn that they don't want anymore.'s nice. This is silk, handspun, and banana fibers.

Oh..and please check out the La Dentelle Belle Scarf Gallery for a new upload!


Monika said...

I wish i had my stash in such order! Mine is mostly in platic garbage bags and boxes; same with the roving, which takes on the same proportions. We had a similar dresser once, boy there was lots of space in there! Your son will have fun emptying those drawers! ;o)
How is the yarn with banana in them??? Oh, and I have not given up on La B.D. scarf. I might choose another yarn, maybe then I will be able to knit it! ;o)
And you spinning looks fine.

Nikki said...

I WISH my stash was that big!!!! I just have one large tote full of yarn, and a little tote full of scraps. sheesh! by the way - love your patterns, and your blog! my blog started out as a knitting blog. now its....well. i don't know.

i think its cool that we're both youngins too!

Knitted Gems said...

What an awesome, huge display of yumminess! I can't blame your son for wanting to steal some yarn. If I could, I would be sitting right next to him doing the same thing. =)

Valerie said...

This is me turning green from seeing your beautiful stash and it's perfect organization! -=giggle=-