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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Slowly going forward.

Well, that shawl isn't getting done as fast as I had hoped for. Seems as of late the steam is going down out of my enthusiasm. I just need a loooooong break and to relax for a bit. :D So, I've been spinning. It's something I can do while multitasking. Being a parent I've learned that multitasking is essential to any mother's survival.

I couldn't wait until I got a spinning wheel to try the Navajo ply. It's a little tricky done on a drop spindle, but it works.

Although, doing a Navajo ply really cuts your yardage down quite a bit. I started out with about 1oo yards (give or take quite a few yards...sorry, didn't measure before hand) and ended up with quite a bit less. The top has 55 yards and the bottom one is 49 1/2 almost 50 yards.

They're both 100% merino is sage. What will I make with them? I'm not sure. I'm guessing they're probably about 4 oz. between the two of them. 2 oz. each. Wrist warmers, possibly a hat (that I'm not sure of), or I could spin up the last bit of the roving and just add it all to my stash and fondle it now and then until an idea comes to me. :D


Kirsten said...

Very pretty yarn. I would love to learn to Navajo ply.

I hope you get the break you desire and find your enthusiasm again.

Monika said...

Oooh, well done! I can't imagine how you did navajo plying on the drop spindle, since it's a challenge on the wheel for me! You definately need a wheel soon, you'll do wonders with it!

Valerie said...

That's really pretty and it looks snuggly!

Knitted Gems said...

I vote for fondling of the yarn! It will bring joy to your day.

And I just love how Navajo plied yarn looks.

Valerie said...

You have been tagged dear, see my blog. =)