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Friday, September 14, 2007


That's right, it's Friday and I'm happy. This weekend means business for me though. I have two weeks to get another Olde World Shawl done. This time I need to make it longer for a model piece for a kit being sold by Plymouth.

This time it's in a blue (I kind of like this, it a steel blue/grey.)

Oh..and more yarn! This is a cotton/silk blend. I love the colors. I love the fuchsia color the most. They all go so well together.

Oh and here's an update on what I'm working on for Olive my daughter. Remember that hand dyed yarn I did a couple of months ago? Well, I decided to make them into socks for my daughter. I'm almost halfway done with the last sock. I'm determined that I won't be overwhelmed with knitting work that this won't become a SS!

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the toe. I did a kitchener stitch on it, but it seems to be puckering up a little. I'm hoping that it comes out when I block it. If not, she'll have funky toes. :D


Monika said...

I love the color for the Olde World shawl! In fact I like all the colors you are showing. Do you like knitting with it? I find knitting the toes with cuff down socks the hardest. I like toe up better, it makes the toe more round.

Kirsten said...

Your Olde World Shawl is a beauty. I love all the yarns you are using for these designs. They look so soft and the colors are gorgeous.

Valerie said...

I am loving the yarn porn you keep posting for us to oogle at. -=giggle=- All your works are beautiful dear!

Batty said...

I love the steel gray shawl! It's a very elegant color, very ladylike.

All that yarn! Now I'm drooling, which is not at all ladylike. And my hand is suspiciously migrating in a general credit card-like direction. That, too, is trouble.

shortoldlady said...

Your shawl is lovely! Is it a pattern you designed or can you point me in the right direction??