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Monday, September 3, 2007

Spun Stitches Finished Skien

First off, here's something really really cute I got. I love it! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Would you like to know where I got it? My mom. Would you like to know where she got it?

No where...she made it! She had this adorable stack of painted wooden fluffy sheep sitting on her craft table (yes..this is where I get my crafty genes from :D) and I snatched one up. She's opening an etsy account soon and she'll be offering these adorable sheep as either magnets or ornaments. (I love them as magnets personally :D) So..if you're interested, please feel free to let me know by dropping me a line!

I also have been spinning like crazy lately. I've gotten the first skein of yarn spun for spun stitches. It's Merino/Merino;Silk plied together. This is about 263 yards. I have about...587 yards to go.

Believe me...I'll be really busy.

The colors are white and lichen green from Blue Goose Glen. It was spun and plied on a lace weight drop spindle whilst watching Unleashed. The fiber was two thumbs up..the so.


Monika said...

The sheep is really cute! Your yarn looks fantastic!

Kirsten said...

Very, very pretty Teresa! I'm looking forward to seeing your shawl. I really should try to find the time to work on mine.

LizKnits said...

Came over from the spun stitches KAL ... that color is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing it knit up.

Valerie said...

Aww too cute! I love the yarn! Beautiful!

Batty said...

That's so cute!

And that yarn. It's so even and pretty. Have fun knitting with it!