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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Handspun Yarn

I've found this out about myself. I LOVE plying yarn. It's so quick and easy. I had a bunch of balls of singles laying around that I thought I should start plying. They were small balls and I didn't think they'd amount to much ( can giggle at that comment if you want :D) but look at these! I can make a hat!

This is from the Lilac colored Merino and English Garden Merino. I love this. You can't really see it here, but the green is more purplish green. It's great. I'm not sure what to make out of it though, I don't think there's enough here to make an adult sized hat.

This one is great too. It's two different colored green Merino multi-colored hand spun. One is green with red and yellow, the other is a sage green. It actually looks really nice. Again, not enough to make a hat I don't think. I haven't measured it, so I'm not sure on the exact amount.

A special request from my daughter. She wanted a red and white striped yarn for a hat. It's cute, very pepperminty. A Merino Colonial blend.

Lilac and White Merino ply. There's tons of this stuff. I could probably make a skinny long scarf out of this. I'm tempted to make a hat I think. Finally able to make something from my hand spun that I can wear. This is so gratifying. I just have to find a way to wear it in summer. I could sit in a nice air conditioned building just for the sake of showing off my new hat. :D

I must ply more. I have loads of different colors and so many ideas. I'm going to have so many hats for winter. :D


I just had to show this off.


...became this.

What is it you ask. Well, it's an ear warmer of course. Not enough wool to make a hat, but just enough to cover your ears.

Needle: size 10 dpn.

Gauge: 3 sts = 1"

Yarn: Bulky weight (I used my own hand spun plied)

Measurements: 20 (22)" circumference

C.O. 6o (66) sts

K in k2, p2 ribbing in the round for 3 (3.5)".


See how insanely easy that is?!
This honestly will take a half an hour to make. It's great for road trips, a nice change from intense knitting projects, a quick gift, or something simple to make using up small amounts of leftover yarn. I used my own hand spun yarn to make this beauty up. I'm itching to make more.


Valerie said...

The yarns look amazing! -=applauds=-

Janine said...

Lovely yarn! I look forward to seeing your fine collection of hats and earwarmers :).

By the way, I'm making your skully keychain and I added the pattern link to Ravelry. I'll send you pictures when I'm done.

Batty said...

Ooooh, pretty!

Monika said...

You are right, plying is so much fun! You decide what goes together. I'm in a stage right now, where I hoard my finished yarn. Don't want to make hats of all the 50 yds skeins. your ear warmer looks pretty knitted up! I and the blue scarf from the post before looks very pretty. Your pattern is wonderful. Soon there will be one from me as well! ;o)

Sarah said...

Damn you spinners, tempting me away from my knitting...

Knitted Gems said...

I love your daughter's choice of colors. That will be so cute once made into a hat.