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Sunday, August 24, 2008

And she progresses

What do you think so far? I'm quite pleased myself. I loved the stitch pattern for this scarf. At first it reminded me of leaves climbing in clusters..almost like the leaf formation of roses on a trellis.

But, as I knit further, the stitch actually reminded me of little owl faces. Quite cute don't you think?

It's a rather simple knit. But, definitely not for a beginner. Not that it's insanely hard, but the stitch count increases and decreases throughout the stitch repeat, and it does take a certain level of concentration and knowledge of some stitches beyond knit 2 together. So it might not be a good beginner project. I'd suggest knitting a few lace pieces first to get the hang of it and to understand the construction of it all.

I've been a little frustrated by my camera's lack of ability to capture the true color of things. It's more than likely the lack of lighting in my house..which is's full of windows. So, I waited for a nice sunny day to show you the really beautiful color of this scarf. I love how soft it is. It's a very airy scarf, but wide enough to cover the whole neck.

I also wanted to show off a new little project I'm working on. It's just a simple shawl, nothing too elaborate to it. No lace, no beads, just plain knit and purl stitches. I love it. It's going to be my "sitting on the patio at night" shawl.

I'm knitting it in a fingering weight yarn. It's heavy enough to be warm, but not too heavy to be bothersome while drinking tea...(at least in the the winter a heavy one will be just the thing to wear by the fire.)

I was inspired to do this from the other night while sitting outside with my husband. We thought about sitting outside and drinking tea to relax before bed (our little night time ritual of chamomile after the kids are asleep). But, Minnesota being Minnesota, the weather can fluctuate so quickly in temperature. It was FREEZING!

My husband of course says.."Go get a's what they're made for right?"

"AHA! Perfect shawl weather!" I grabbed my pink Zetor shawl and threw it over my shoulders and went back outside. Might I say, though it is a pretty shawl and I'll wear it as a scarf, it really didn't keep out the night chill.

(I also added glass beads to this particular shawl so it felt like little tiny ice cubes all over the wool. )

By chill I mean, huddled over, shivering, and hugging my mug of tea for warmth. That's when I thought how nice it would be for a tighter knit, non lace shawl. Almost blanket like but pretty. Autumn is coming so I might as well be prepared right?

I think I'll save this beauty for a scarf for the fall instead of a shawl. It's great bunched up an layered around the neck with a nice brooch to accent it. But, I'll make sure to wear a nice sweater or jacket with it.


Valerie said...

What beautiful knitting projects! They're simply lovely and beautiful!!

Batty said...

They're all beautiful! I'm in awe of your speed and superior knit fu.