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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And...we're on...

Well, I'm back from my mini vacation/family reunion we had this weekend. Originally I'm from a small town in Wisconsin called Alma. It's a little spot on the map and if you blink while going through it, you'll miss it. But there's so much going on. It's the northern part of the Mississippi and the ol' Delta Queen comes through there to let off her passengers while blowing her musical whistles.

We left for two whole days, poor Mike. He was alone, no kids, no loud noises, plenty of food and water with the couch to himself...can't you see how distraught he is?

If you ever go through Alma, one stop you need to take is to Buena Vista Park. It's a large bluff that over looks Alma and you can see the horizon beyond. least Minnesota. :D

It's a steep road up a large hill/bluff with lot's of turns and rock faces. It's simply gorgeous.

And when you get there? You can see the whole world.

This bluff is where I saw my first rainbow with my dad. I was about 5 or so.

It's such a treasure to see my daughter with her Father in the same spot.

Being here can quiet the mind. It brings so much into perspective. How large the world is, how small you really are...

....and how much of a drop off that bluff it is. I get vertigo easily and boy was I getting it bad up there. If I looked out, I was fine, but down...I almost had to crawl on all fours back to the side walk.

Though the sight was worth it. If you can see it, there's a bald eagle in that picture.
So free and unafraid of falling...I think she was laughing at me and my nausea.

Now for some knitting. I'm working on a new pattern called Flora to those who are interested. It's a lacy scarf that ends up being very wide. I'm sure some would call it a stole, but my I like my stoles to be rather thick and this is just shy over scarf width.

The stitch pattern is beautiful and I love the color green. It's not properly shown in this picture but it's very olive/grass green.

I'm challenging my patience with the construction of this scarf. I'm going to knit it in two separate pieces and then graft them together. I am enjoying knitting this, the pattern is easy, there's a purl row on every opposite row of the body so I can have a "relax" row.

So far, I love the stitches, I enjoy knitting it and I'm looking forward to finished. Over all, it's a great knit.

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Moncha said...

Lovely pattern and I like the green color even though you say it's not the exact shade.Beautiful.