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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby Nordic Mitts

These mitts are actually intended for babies ages 6-9 months, but if you have babies like mine who are 5 months are 20 pounds, then it might be just right. I was really inspired by an exceptionally vintage pattern book I found. It was completely filled with different types of Nordic Mitts, ranging from adult to child to infant. These mittens made of 100% wool, and with the fair isle pattern it actually adds somewhat of a double layer of warmth so your little ones fingers won't be cold.

Needles: #1 DPN

Yarn: Fingering Weight Wool ( I use Knit Picks Pallete in Pool and Cream)

Gauge: 9sts =1"

Finished Measurements: 2 1/2" X 4 3/4"

C.O. 40 sts and knit in K2, P2 ribbing for 1 1/2".

Increase to 46 stitches (Usually stitch inc. every 6 stitches or so.)

Then evenly distribute the stitches onto 3 needles. This helps you to keep track of your front and back and is easier to work the color work. 23 stitches on the first needle, 11 on the second and 12 on the third.

Begin chart.

When you've finished the chart body work the decrease as follows:

Needle 1: K1, Slip 1, K1, psso. Knit to last three stitches, K2tog, K1.

Needle 2: K1, Slip 1, K1, psso. Knit to end.

Needle 3: Knit to last three stitches, K2tog, K1.

Knit next round. Do this until 30 stitches remain, all the while maintaining chart colorwork.

Work a three needle bind off.

Weave in loose ends.

Well, here you go! Let me know what you think.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Fiber!

I'm excited! My husband just splurged on me big time! See...this is about 14 pounds of fiber! Wow, I feel loved. A lot of it is Colonial and Merino in all different colors. I got it all from a wonderful seller online named Glenda. She runs a fiber based online website called Blue Goose Glen. I would definitely refer anyone I know and who's interested to check her out. Her prices are great, she's so nice, and her service is excellent!

Put it this way, when my husband put in the order, our pay pal account had our old address and bank information on it and instead of freaking out, we called her and got it straightened out very quickly. She was so impressed with the large order she even threw in a pound of white merino for free!!

Yep, there's the darn cat sitting there. Believe me, I tried to take a nice picture of just the fiber, but he wouldn't let me. Ever since I opened the wool he's been like an unsightly growth on top of the bags. (At least I know it's real wool!)

The drop spindles were from a great seller out of Wisconsin, their store is called Ma and Pa's Spindles. Their spindles are great, inexpensive and wonderful for beginners. Both spindles are sold in a pack for $10. I'm having the best week. I guess this makes up for being the only person to NOT have a vacation this month. (My mother and step-father went to Greece, then Las Vegas and my husband now left for Boston. Believe me, I'm feeling the need for a break too!)

There he is again. He weighs about 17 pounds, can you believe it? He weighs more than all that wool.

I strongly suggest you check out Glenda's online store. She also sells Merino Silk! Love the stuff, I got 2 oz of Lichen Green. I'm planning on spinning it into some fine yarn in order to make a stole. When my husband gets back from Boston, I'll be able to take some pictures of my yarn. I'm loving the stuff!...

..And so is Mike my cat.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Free Wallpaper

Here you guys go, I give you The Ultimate Knitter! All you have to do is click on the picture, right click on the full size image after it downloads and click "set as desktop background". Hope you like it. I'm hoping on doing more wallpapers for knitters. Let me know how you like it. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sheild Knot Bracelet

Now a bit of history. The shield knot is something of a universal symbol that has been used from the Celts to the Norwegians. It's symbolism is one of protection and warding. It also stood for the four directions (North, East, South, West). This universal symbol, originating from Mesopotamia, was one that I've felt an affinity throughout my life. Maybe because in a way, I've felt the need for a little extra protection in my life or maybe because of my Norse roots. Whatever it is, I bring it to you here as a way for you to make your own little antiquated piece of protection.

Yarn: I used Knit Picks Palette, in Lilac and Cream (Any wool fingering weight yarn is okay.)

Gauge: 8sts = 1"

Needles: #3 (I used dpns since the piece is rather small.)

Other Notions: Exacto knife, 4 buttons, sewing needle and some extra yarn or wool to sew with.

Measurements: Before felting 3' X 10 1/4"

C.O. 27 sts in M.C.

Row 1: Knit in M.C. (Lilac)

Row 2: Knit in C.C. (Cream)

Row 3: Knit in grid #2 all the way across

Row 4: Knit in C.C.

Then begin Charts 3 and 4 on the first four and last four stitches.

Work until piece measures 4". Then begin shield knot grid.

Note: When doing so there will be 2 stitches between grids #3&4 and the shield knot grid that are worked in main color. This will be 4 stitches total worked in main color through the working of the shield grid.

Then work another 3 1/2" using grids 3 &4.

Then repeat rows 1-4, but work these in reverse.

Row1: Knit in C.C.

R0w 2: Knit in grid #2 all the way across

Row 3: Knit in C.C. (Cream)

Row 4: Knit in M.C. (Lilac)


Now that you've finished the bracelet, you can weave in all the loose ends. Since this is such a small piece, you can felt it either by hand or washing machine. However you choose to felt this bracelet (or pulse warmer) make sure that the stitches have disappeared afterwards.

Now that it is felted, allow it to dry in a place that allows it to keep it's flat shape. Now, with the exacto knife and cutting board. Cut two slits at one end about 1/2" long. It's probably a good idea to do a button hole stitch around the openings since you're probably going to put a lot of wear onto the button holes and you wouldn't want it to warp or tear from constant use.

Now that you've finished the button holes themselves you can attach the buttons. I used 4 buttons. That way it's actually adjustable. You can add a second set of button holes to the other side above the other two in order to have all 4 buttons buttoned.

Now you have a great piece of portable protection on your wrist. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Knitting is Meditative

I've come to realize that knitting is a great meditative act. I used to meditate on a regular basis. It was calming and it helped to find your inner peace. Within the last year I've actually stopped all together. My husband would comment on my lack of meditating, wondering if I was feeling it lacking in my life in a negative way.

"Nope, I honestly don't really notice it all that much. I wonder why."

At this point I would pick up my needles and putter away making a sweater, sock or whatever the current project was. I would drift off in complete relaxation. I wasn't worried about bills or the cat's current stress related disorder. I would just sit there and knit. I felt terrible that I was giving up my Zen seeking sessions for a more material based hobby.

It was then that I realized that I didn't really actually leave my meditation on my mat in the back room. I substituted it for something much different. I am completely in agreement when I hear people say knitting is NOT a hobby, it's a way of life. It's addictive in a way that you find your center. You seem to not care that your laundry is piling up or that you had an extra slice of pizza at supper. No, when you knit you forget about all those mundane things and you find something inside yourself.

And in the end, you get an awesome pair of socks too. :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some new Yarn

I decided to work with dying some yarn that I had on hand. I read knitty's article on dying yarn with packets of kool aid. I really wanted to give this a try, so I decided to use some what yarn I had on hand from knit picks. I used the legs of the chair to unwind the yarn to make it easier to dye it.

It actually looked quite pretty like this. Afterwards I twisted it into a nice skein until I could dye it.

Sadly, I didn't even think of taking pictures during the dying faze. Maybe I was afraid you'd see what a mess I was making and think poorly of me :D. Bad news was, the kool aid semi-permanently dyed my counter tops. But, with diluted bleach it came up rather quickly.

This is the yarn drying afterwards on my ugly closet doors. (Sorry, not fond of the yellowish wood.) I had to lay towels underneath so it would make a big mess on the carpeting. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

...and finally, spun into a ball. Ok, I don't have a ball winder so I had to settle with a makeshift nostepinne (a large crochet hook) to wind it with.

..And viola! A knitted swatch! I'm excited, I think that these are going to make some awesome socks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Horseshoe lace purse

I had gotten a great idea for a purse when I was looking up stitch patterns. The horseshoe lace has been one of my favorite stitch patterns. Since I love knitting purses, this one just happened to pop into my head.

Needles: #6 Straight needles
2 #5 dpn (for working the strap)

Gauge: 16 sts = 4"

Yarn: Worsted weight (cotton works best, but any will do.)

Finished measurements: 7" X 6" (not including strap)

Other Materials: Crochet hook

(This bag is kinda small, but worked with bulkier yarn or doubled yarn it's easy to adjust this bags dimensions. All you really have to do is work the strap longer.)

Front Flap and Back of Purse.

Lace Horseshoe Pattern:

C.O. 27 sts

Row 1: P5, K5, P7, K5, P5

Row 2: P to end

Row 3: P3, P2tog, K2, yo,, K1, yo, K2, P2, P3tog, P2, K2, yo, K1, yo, K2, P2tog, P3

Row 4: p to end

Row 5: P2, P2tog, K2, yo, K3, yo, K2, P1, P3tog, P1, K2, yo, K3, yo, K2, P2tog, P2

Row 6: P to end

Row 7: P1, P2tog, K2, yo, K5, yo, K2, P3tog, K2, yo, K5, yo, K2, P2tog, P1.

Row 8: P to end.

Repeat these 8 rows 3 times to form the flap.

Next row, purl to end.

Then, Knit in stockinette stitch for 3/4", ending on the wrong side.

Next row purl to end.

This forms the bend in the flap. The purled edges help it make a nice clean fold.

Then change to St st and knit another 5 1/2" B.O.


C.O. 27 sts and knit in St st until piece measures 5 1/2"


Using 2 size 5 double pointed needles C.O. 6 sts.

Work in Garter st. until piece measures 30".


Find the middle of the strap by folding it in half. You can use a paper clip or a stitch marker to mark it. This will be matched up with the middle of the front and back piece. Use pins to pin the piece together inside out if you find it easier. Sew the bottoms of each piece to the strap. Then repeat with pinning the sides to the straps (this way you don't end up with a lop sided purse!) and sew up the sides.

Finally, you can sew the top of the strap closed.

Now, I also did a single crochet across the top of the front piece of the bag to make it a little more stable.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Laughing Dog

Here's a little humor to start the day. I thought that this would be a hilarious concept. The 'what if' idea. What would life on the farm be like. Well, being a rather weird person I conjured thoughts of coffee breaks and idle chit chat around the water trough. Every job even has that manager that seems to be riding your butt now and then and mocking you in some way. You know, all that hard work you put in doesn't seem to really amount to much accept make his job cushier. Then this popped into my head. I laughed and had to put it down on paper. Well, what do you think?

I also put this onto a tote, mug and dog t-shirt (fitting I think.) If you're interested in purchasing one you can visit my store.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Yellow Fairy

Well, the addition to my walls is coming quite nicely. I feel badly because I didn't really want to hang my art on the walls. But, it's actually quite comfy and cozy being surrounded by something I created. My husband has been a little apprehensive to fully make this apartment a home. We've been here for 8 months now. I think his apprehension is due to the fact that he wants to buy a house soon so he doesn't really see the point in settling in. Well...tell you what. I'm a taurean and I need a place to set a big hind roast and relax. Yeah...he caved in.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New knitting object?

WOW! That's all I have to say. Clessidra socks from the new knitty issue look absolutely divine. I'm quite tempted to start working on these right now. Oh dear, but I have so much stuff "on the needles" that I'm not sure if I have any room left!

There's a lot of new stuff up. A lot of stuff that I'm tempted on making. I so want to make myself a new pair of socks, but my husband likes my knitted foot wear a bit more than I do. That brings me to an interesting story. One year for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a $50 gift certificate to the local yarn store. I was absolutely stoked about it all. I wanted to go right away and buy a bunch of sock yarn.

I found this neat black and red striped yarn that was soft and durable. I thought that these would make awesome socks. Well, I went home, casted on and started knitting my new dream socks. My husband, obviously curious about my new project, queried about what I was making.

"Socks" I simply replied, my nose buried deeply into the yarn, pattern and needles.

"Oh, I'm not a fan of knitted socks." He stated as he dropped into his computer chair, which of course was a further statement of his distaste for knitted foot wear. "My grandma made me a pair once, they hurt to walk on and they also looked a little goofy."

"Maybe they were made from the wrong type of yarn. Sometimes you have to have the "right" yarn. Like this one, it's reeeaallly soft." I interjected this comment as a way for him to have a slight desire to slip on the luxuriously knitted garment.

He yanked off his white cotton sock and stuck out his foot, with an expression of the same stubborn attitude I've seen on many occasions. With this he told me that he wasn't going to be swayed. There was nothing I or the sock could do to change his mind.

I simply slipped on the sock, still protruding four needles in the middle of the foot. I had no idea that this simple act would have a 'Cinderella-like' transformation on my husband. No, he didn't turn into a shimmering blue diva twirling in an unkempt garden swooning over his prince..(although..that would be quite funny to see).

No..his face simply went from a stubborn refusal to comply, to mere appreciation, to a complete and utter love.

"OOOooohhh!" The pleasure on his face resembled that of a disheveled and stressed woman finally slipping into a hot relaxing bath at the end of a long day. "These ARE nice...could you make them big enough for me to wear?"

"SURE!" A mixture of excitement and victory sang in my voice. I merrily went on my knitting way unknowing of what lay ahead.

A few days later I finally finished my socks. I held them before my husband as if they were matching holy grails basking in divine light. I beckoned for him to touch and adore my handy work knowing now that he was now subservient to their luxurious fibers. In a way, I half expected him to fall to his knees before them and give prose of love, adoration and respect for my hard work.

Like I said...half expected. Instead he simply slipped them on and stated.."mmm I like my new socks."

I smiled at him, assuming that he was of course kidding and just expressing his pleasure in them.

An assumption of course. He suddenly turned around and continued to type at his computer. After a few minutes he shot a "Thank you" over his shoulder towards me.


It was this moment I realized..I'd been had. I could only look at my newly finished project from beneath the seat of a computer chair. The silence was filled only with the sound of my poor red swollen fingers pounding from arduously working on tiny needles.

I hear you asking..had I ever tried them on? I don't think I ever had the chance to. Although, I did once get close to them enough to touch them. My husband one day seemed dismayed with his finely knit treasure.

"What's wrong hun?"

"I think I wore out my socks...can you fix them?"

"Well what seems to be the problem?"

He simply lifted his foot for me to see the bottom of a well worn sock. Two huge holes were gapping in the sock. Patches of pink sole peaked out through them.

"um...I could, but with how big these holes are I might as well knit you new socks.." I was joking..joking I say! Oh my, what did I get myself into? He smiled at me and with an excited gesture he said.."Ok, I wouldn't mind a darker color this time. Maybe a green or a blue. Oh and if you want you can put a simple pattern in it, nothing too frilly, just a simple one..oh and..."

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Blue Fairy

I got tired of the plain white walls of my apartment. I decided to do some fairy pictures and hang them on the wall. My daughter LOVES them. I'm in the mood to do something different with it all. Having different colored fairies.

I know you can't see it here, but I also painted the frame blue. She's quite a neat addition to the home. I should add some gnomes and dragons to the walls. I hated the thought of adding my art to the walls, but after not having much otherwise (usually stuff I don't like) I figured, what the heck.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I always have to do something new with my artwork and crafting. I love to try new mediums. This week I tried working with painting on glass. The mediums I used were a glass enamel paint that seemed a little....chunky. They dried really quickly it seemed.
My first attempt at painting was just a little "sign" on my coffee cup that said coffee. Course that's a little obvious. I'm thinking of making a cup that says.."don't piss off chicks who use pointy sticks."
Instead, I got caught up in painting a Cinderella mug for my daughter. It just kills her to know that it's going to take an entire month to cure the paint. So, every day she asks me .."is my princess cup done yet!!??" LOL.
Well, check it out. I think it's pretty good for just looking at the picture and painting without any guide line. Except, I'm not too pleased with how my daughters name turned out. LOL. It was more like a last minute thing where my daughter says, " but doesn't have my name on it!!!!"