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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

7 things unknown about me

Val from My Little Piece of the Net tagged me with this simple request.

You must reveal 7 unknown things about yourself.

Wow. Ok, apparently Val has no idea how insanely hard it is for me to actually talk about myself. I usually just sit there dumbfounded and say the most obvious and idiotic things like.."I'm a girl." " I like to draw." I'm not exaggerating either. You should have seen me on my first day of college. So here goes.

#1. (Ok 5 minutes has passed and still nothing.) Oh, here's one, I am a pro at multitasking. I can balance a baby and do laundry at the same time, I can draw, cook and listen to my daughter all at once...but I can't do ANYTHING when I listen to music. This is usually why I hardly ever listen to it. The moment I start listening to music I actually start shutting down and drifting off into Teresaland, (and yes, it is nice there.) The only time I listen to it is when I'm in the car and can't do anything besides listen to it.

#2. I've only ever had my hair cut professionally once in my life, (meaning I only paid for it once). The last time I actually had my hair "cut" was by my mother. I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter and my mother gives me a bob hair cut with uber short bangs. However cute that is on some didn't look cute on me. That'll teach me to not skimp on good hair cuts. That was the last time I had it it's so long I find hair everywhere..even on the ceiling!

#3. I was never afraid of spiders until 2004. I caught a spider bigger than the size of my palm in my house with a mason jar. It was hideous. It was a Nursery Web spider, (prepare yourself it's really gross.) and it snuck in through a crack in the door and slowly lowered itself down. I caught it in the jar and looked right in it's eyes. Ever since I've been petrified of spiders.

#4. I have a brother I never met. Actually he's a half brother and by the time I was born he was already like 24, so he's around 46-48 years old. I tried to contact him once but chickened out, and when his wife called back to talk to me, I pretended I was the babysitter!!! I'm such a chicken. I was so nervous I didn't know what to do. I've thought about talking to him again but I not sure what I would say.

#5. I really really want a dog. I know, why is this such big a deal. Well, no one really knows I want a dog since I've always been a "cat person". But lately I've really been wanting a dog. I'm in love with Corgis for some reason. Maybe because I took a "what's your dog" test and the first few choices were different breeds of Corgis. Or maybe because they're so gosh darn cute!

#6. I read 3 romance novels in one day. I know, I know, I can hear you say "wow you have no life." or "what, are you that desperate?!" No..pfft. I'm just a helpless romantic that loves a good love story...and I'm also a fast reader. Believe me, I still cleaned the house and did the dishes that day. My family is full of fast readers. My great aunt read 5 books a week, and my mom usually reads 3 on average.

#7. And finally. I can't sell myself as an artist. I can draw, but when it comes to stepping in the rat race with all the other artists I chicken out ( wow that's becoming a pattern huh? :D) It's the, competing against other artists and waking up and drinking a cup full of empty promises of getting paid that turns me off. Thus the "starving artist" thing. I would love to sell my art and share it with people, but when it comes to selling my stuff I can't say anything good about it.

Wow..that was cleansing. ;) So there you go. 7 things unknown about me.


Valerie said...

Yeeaaah! You did it! Those were awesome notes about yourself. =D
I A. Envy your multi-tasking ability and B. Wish I could get through one book in a week let along 3 in a day. =)

Mary Anne said...

I came by your blog from a post elsewhere and I'm enjoying your site very much. Just wanted to say I share some of your 7 things, ie: spiders, romance novels and dogs :). Thank you also for the great patterns you share so freely with us.

Mary Anne said...

Oooops, I meant to say 'Teresa', not Valerie. so sorry, my brain is a bit foggy today.
mary anne