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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A new Hat

Sorry about the short hiatus. I actually meant to make a new post and reply to emails yesterday but I got stuck with a darn cold. How do you catch a cold in 90 degree weather?! So, I just spent most of yesterday laying on the couch like a lump and then sleeping the rest of the evening. Luckily I feel a little better today :D.

Aww...isn't he just cute? You know how I was afraid that the mothers in the grocery store would give me the evil eye? In all actuality I got so many compliments for the "cool mohawk". Even my doctor loved it. The only questions I really got about it was, "how did you get him to sit still?" Women would come up to me in the store and literally just swoon "Awwww..the mohawk is just cute!!" My son loved the attention to say the least. I think some mothers were planning on giving their baby a new do.

But, when sporting a macho mohawk isn't really all that cute and I need to hide it, Kirsten sent me this awesome hat! Doesn't he look just darling in it? I love it, it's so colorful. Oogie liked it, see him posing..I think he's going to be a model. Or a geek (he's already learned how to turn off the surround sound.).

It's also pretty stretchy, as you can see. Which is great since it'll be able to grow with him. He really liked chewing on it.

My husband even got to pose with him. Isn't that a nice beard, it's imported all the way from Canada. :)

I also got tagged from Jacque and Cara. Which is great, I'm glad people want to know about me.
So here goes, 7 things unknown about me...

1. My childhood heroine was Wonder Woman. I used to beg my mother to cut out stars from tag board and then I would tape them to my forehead and wrists. My jump rope was my lasso of truth. I use to run around in our garden "apprehending criminals" ..which in all actuality were just pear trees and raspberry bushes.

2. I had to trick my mother into teaching me how to knit. She taught me once when I was 8, but I forgot soon after that, since then she hadn't wanted to pick up the needles. In order to "convince" my mother into teaching me how to knit I had to make her want to. I tried for a couple years mind you. Finally, I took her into the yarn shop in town and she got to see all the fabulous wool and the gorgeous Norwegian sweater patterns. She bought two skeins of yarn and a pair of needles. That night she taught me how to knit. :D

3. I love babies, but I couldn't stand being pregnant. I don't know how some women get the "glow". Me? I was happy about having a baby, but the pregnancy side effects drove me nuts. I got every single symptom you could get. Morning sickness, hormone fluxes, bloody nose (did you know you got a bloody nose..neither did I), frothy foamy mouth, excessive food cravings. Believe me, if there was a symptom I got it. I was not the picture of beauty, I was more like Jabba the Hut. :D

4. I wore my P.J.s to school all the time when I was younger. While the cheerleaders would get all beautified and plaster coats of what looked like polyurethane on their hair, I would just make sure I had enough time to shower and comb my hair. I loved lounge pants (I still do) and I figured I would rather wear something comfy and be happy than constrict myself into something that barely fit for the sake of beauty.

5. I've had my cat for 10 almost 11 years. I actually owned his mother and she got pregnant and had a litter of 4 kittens. He was actually my least favorite of the bunch. He drove me nuts, all he did was meow for food constantly and eat. He was such a little porker that even his mother couldn't carry him in her mouth, he actually dragged on the ground between her legs as she strained to pull him back to the nest. He actually became my best friend growing up, although he's still a whiny chunk and I have no idea what I'd do without him.

6. I could be anywhere in the United States and there will be someone who knows my mother or someone from my mother's side of the family. This still is amazing to me. I remember I was doing flu shots with her at a Walgreens, (I did administration..not the shot giving) and there was an elderly man who struck up a conversation with us. It actually went something like this.."Yah, ya know, my brother Sven from Cochrane was up yesterday." "Sven from Cochrane? Is that Ulla's son??" "Ya, you betcha" "Oh! I know Sven! I'm Alton's daughter!" "Uff da! How's Alton doing. He's ok ya?" "Ya, you betcha" How this happens I have no idea.

7. My family's idea of a good time is making the all time coveted lefse. (which is good) And then eating ludefisk...(which is not.) Amazingly there's a divide in my family. The traditional people who eat ludefisk on their lefse, and the black sheep who just eat it with butter and sugar. The ludefisk eaters are "ellite" and look down on the sugar spreaders as defilers of the holy lefse. In order to be accepted into this collective Uff da consciousness you had to make the right of passage...making lefse and then eat it with ludefisk.


Carole Knits said...

Ludefisk? Ugh!

Kirsten said...

Ha-ha! I love your seven things!! I almost felt like I was sitting in Walgreens listening to that conversation! Priceless!

pacalaga said...

That kid is so cute he makes my uterus cramp. I want to nibble his chunky little biceps. Great hat, too!

Lora said...

Great 7 items!! My favorite pic of your wee one is the one with the beard...on your hubby.. not him.. haha I just love how he's looking INTO the camera as if to say "Yes yes..soak in my cuteness...go ahead, I don't mind."

Wendy said...

. . . . I am a butter and sugar girl (Although I like the ludefisk on its own).