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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mistakes happen...

Well, here is a swatch I knitted from my own hand spun Colonial wool in Bluebell. Actually this wool is quite soft. I'm looking forward to spinning more of it and knitting it into socks. Now the swatch above isn't blocked straight, I know this. I was so excited to see what my finished product looked like that I wasn't worried about it. I also should have worked on smaller needles. I used a #3, when I could have actually used a #2. Notice the large gaps in between the stitches in the eyelet pattern. I think I was worried of pulling apart my yarn I didn't realize it was more durable than I thought. Now, as I was knitting this swatch it only took a few pattern repeats to notice that something wasn't right. I'm sure you can see it, but to better accentuate it I highlighted it.

I was working in the vertical eyelet row in Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. I really like this book. It has tons of stitches and just drips with ideas for creative projects. But, when I started working on this pattern I noticed something wasn't right. The pattern I was working on did NOT match the picture in the book. I double checked the written instructions, I was indeed following them perfectly. No steps missed. Double checked the notes, nothing. Not until I looked at the chart.

The written pattern asks you to repeat a pattern of 4 rows. Knit, Purl, pattern row, knit, repeat. The chart on the other hand, is a repeat of only 2 rows.

Can you see it?

I think that this is a big mistake in the book, but I'm not going to complain overly. I still love this book. It just shows me to pay more attention.

Also, my mother's scarf is coming along slowly but surely. I'm almost done with the first skien, hopefully I'll be able to finish this by this weekend. (of course, I'm not sure if I'll even see her this weekend, she might be working. Ah, such is the hours of a Nurse.)

I admit, I think I should have knitted it on smaller needles. I tried #5 for it, and I think those were a little TOO big. I wanted this to be light and fluttery, almost gauzy. I'll have to see what the finished product is like before I make any final criticizing. (#1 rule for ANY artist, finish the work, THEN judge...or else you have tons of unfinished projects.)

If you go through mountains of notebooks, sketchbooks and post it notes for jotting down patterns, ideas, notes or even keeping track of your project rows, you might enjoy this. I found it at cafepress and feel absolutely in love with it.

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Valerie said...

That scarf looks beautiful! I mean seriously, it looks nuzzley. I know that's not a word but I was failing on the appropriate descriptions. -=giggle=- That's weird about the book, you may want to at least write and mention that to the publishers so they can release a correction. =D