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Thursday, May 17, 2007


I haven't been knitting...

...but I've spinning.

This is the Maroon Colonial. It's quite soft actually. I love the color, the flash on my camera really doesn't do it justice. This is more of a practice spinning. Kirsten and I have been working on spun stitches and I realized that I needed to work more on my lace weight spinning techniques. I've gotten pretty close though with only a few large slubs here and there. Actually, this is a challenge I've been waiting for. Trying over and over again to get it thinner and thinner. I actually pull the roving into quarters length wise in order to get it as thin as possible.

The only problem? It takes forever. Good thing you don't need a lot in order to make something, I've found that a little lace weight yarn can go a lot further than the bulky stuff.
Although I did take a break to spin some bulky weight yarn for a rug. (wow what a difference THAT was!)

In the next few days I'm going to get my stuff together for the knit and spin-a-long bash over at spun stitches. I've got some Merino Silk set aside just for it. I'm hoping that I have enough. 2 ounces should be enough if spun rather thin, if not I need to get more. Tell you what, I have a feeling it's going to get addicting.


Monika said...

Beginning spinner here! Could you give me a tip where to find some info on how to spin some lace weight? What you said in your post is still "chinese" to me. Are you going to ply your lace weight yarn? See, dumb question, don't know any better. ;o)

Janine said...

I found your blog through Grumperina, because I have fun "thirteen" info to share with you (because I am a total dork, and anyone who knows about Friday the 13th in relation to the Knights Templar rocks it). Now that I'm at your blog, I'm adding you to my bloglines because you rock.

That is all :).

Kirsten said...