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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One hit wonders

Well, recently I went through my stash collection and found all of these U.F.O.s stash discreetly around my craft supplies. I mean, I pulled them out of the oddest of places. An old shoe box in the corner of my closet. A box of craft supplies on my shelf. All of these are without mates. Sad and alone. I guess I needed something quick and easy to knit that ended up looking like something in order to get the creative juices flowing.

A jester bootie from interweave knits free pattern Old World Booties. I got so disgusted with the icord strings getting tangled that I just sat it aside and didn't finish it's mate. Yeah, I should have worked through it, but what can I say. By the time I got the courage again, my sons feet grew to be the size of a miniature elephant's. Although, I have to say, it was an easy knit and worked up so fast.

This is a hand warmer from interweave knits Fall 2005. I had made a pair of these before this one, but when I finished this one, I realized I didn't have enough yarn to even finish it.

Ah yes, and a mitten. Can't forget that. This is where the yarn went from the wrist warmer above. So instead of knitting a wrist warmer, I should have knit another mitten.

A Hedera Sock. The pattern was simple, easy and very pleasurable, but the yarn? Holy Cow!!! Ok, I had gotten this sweater from good will in order to take it apart for yarn. I wanted to try recycling yarn to see how it worked out. The sweater was somewhat felted and was extremely itchy. What made me think that this would make good sock yarn?! It's itchy, too warm, and all around uncomfortable. Why I knit it, I'll never know. But, I DO know that semi felted yarn from sweaters is terrible sock yarn. :D is very pretty. :D

Finally...a glove. I wasn't too thrilled about making a glove. Maybe it was the fingers that drove me nuts. Constantly cutting and joining yarn to make phalanges got to be too tedious. Or it could be the fact that when I knit this thing it was the end of June last year while stuck in a traffic jam for an hour while pregnant and every time I pick up it's mate I instinctively think of it.

So...I figured I'm going to do something productive with one hit wonders. I'm going to do this!

It's a subscription offer from interweave knits. I kept this from a while ago and pinned it to my cork board in the kitchen to remind me to make it. I love it! I can make as many different mitten as I want and sew/glue them to the wreath to make a decoration for my door. The package, I can just use an empty box, wrap it in a brown paper bag and tie rafia around it. Now, to come up with an idea for the above. :)

I was also tagged by Val for this awesome blog button! It kinda reminds me of Gem and the Holograms.

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Batty said...

I think we all have these flying around somewhere. The pattern that was cool but just not cool enough to be knit twice in a row. Result: single items all over the house.