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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hello and good morning

I tell you what. Whoever said raising children was easy was lying...and didn't have children. Of course, I don't think anyone said THAT! My little Oogie..has started crawling. He started very early I must say. He JUST turned 6 months old and he's already crawling and getting into everything.

I remember my daughter being very early with everything. At first I was excited. I couldn't wait for her to crawl (6 months), then I couldn't wait for her to walk (10 months), then I couldn't wait for her to talk. I just wish she would sit still for a minute and be quiet!

Now, my son, who just turned 6 months, is crawling and even pulling himself up into a standing position and getting into everything. Tell you what, if your baby is 8 months and just crawling..I envy you. The moment his little chubby legs hit the floor he's off crawling at amazing speeds...and finding everything. I thought for sure my house was baby proofed! Nope, that doesn't actually happen until they start crawling and find all those little bits of junk that were under the heater! You know that place where you can't get to unless you have a vacuum cleaner with an extremely long and tiny attachment.

And apparently knitting is something of a baby magnet too. I've learned that when I sit to knit or spin my son becomes completely fascinated with what I'm doing and decides to take it upon himself to help. He's learned that crawling under the coffee table "unnoticed", he can easily grab the bowl I use to put my fibers in...and Mommy makes a funny noise that sounds like a cross between a moose and a dying cat. (This coffee table has become his favorite spot, it's his own little fort.)

So, needless to say, my knitting has been slow and not so steady. I have yet found anything that satiates him into sitting in one place for more than 5 minutes besides his stroller. I'm pretty sure I won't find anything until his curiosity has been appeased. By then, I'll be completely grey.

On a different note, my hubby turned 25 yesterday. He's a quarter of a century old!!! Of course I made him a nice home made devils chocolate cake..then guess what. That's right...I ran out of white icing. So this is what I ended up writing on his cake.

...Happy B-DAY! Can you believe it. Of course I don't think he cared. He still ate it. What chocolate nut wouldn't. I HATE cake and I even ate it. But Oogie liked it..

:D Oh! He also got himself a nice birthday present. Can you guess what it is?

Here's a clue. It's something most geeks own/want/covet and usually means mobility to their geekiness.

Did you guess it?

Here's the answer.

Oh and for my birthday...he said I could touch it. Until then he takes it everywhere.

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Kirsten said...

I hope your DH had a wonderful birthday. It sure looks like your little one enjoyed the cake! Such cute pictures. Mine were all early crawlers and walkers too. I know the feeling. . .