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Monday, April 23, 2007

Something to make you laugh

Well, in this post is something to make you laugh. It brought me to tears when I saw it. But for right now, I'm going to share with you some stuff I've been doing.

This is the lilac Merino from Blue Goose Glen. Wow, this stuff spins up really nicely. I've been trying to get rather thin with my spinning. I have 2 ounce of Merino silk that I want to be able to get to a lace weight in order to make a shawl. Not that I'm ever going to wear it, but, it's just an accomplishment as a knitter. Maybe it's the knitter's right of passage. :D

I also have some finished balls of yarn to show off. They're all Merino except the brown one which is Brown Welsh. It's course and quite unpleasant next to the skin, but it's REALLY durable. Rugs out of this would be great. You could make a hat out of it, but I'm not sure how comfy that would be. I'll give it a try and let you know.

English Garden and Brown Welsh knitted up into a swatch. I don't have much of the Merino to make much of anything accept a coaster (I'm not sure I want to use Merino as a coaster..isn't that sacrilege?) or a head band. And between you and me, I look like a complete doof with a head band. Some girls can pull it off and look just cute. Me? I look funny. So any suggestions?

I've also decided to make my husband a sweater. I saw this in Interweave knits, and I knew that this would look just handsome on him. (Course he doesn't need a sweater for that ;)) But the problem is, I started it before Christmas and here it sits. Sweaters and I have this love hate relationship. I love wearing them, but I hate knitting them. Don't get me wrong. I love knitting. It's just the thought of working something so large when I don't get that long to sit and work on it. I'm determined though. I'll work through it all and then sew it up and feel like an accomplished knitter. Believe me, I'll keep you updated on this.

Here's a scarf I'm designing also. Sweaters are a project that leaves me sighing heavily where scarves are just right. I think it's something I can do while multitasking. I've knit sweaters before, but I didn't have the distraction of a 4 year old and a baby. Oogie loves my knitting so much he'll pretty much dump over my bowl of yarn and lay in it.

The scarf is sitting unnamed right now. It's for my mother for Mother's day. You think she'll like it? It'll look much better after it's pinned and blocked. Actually the pattern is rather simple and easy to follow. I use a piece of paper to mark my position on the chart. (Believe me, if I don't it ends up looking quite funny.)

Oh...and I also realized that I don't show you many pictures of my Olive. The problem with that is, every time I flip out the camera she ends up running off so I end up with this multicolored streak in my picture. And every rest of the time she's not wearing clothes. Yeah, she's in that stage.

And now for something funny....

Heheh...I must have caught him off guard. I've been trying to come up with a great caption to this picture. A caption like.."Mommy..I just made an uh-oh in my diaper." or "I wasn't just in the cat food, I promise!" Either way...I laughed so hard I cried.

Have a great day!

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Kirsten said...

The scarf you are designing is beautiful!!
I want to spin for a shawl too. Perhaps we should spin/knit along together.
Cute baby photo!