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Friday, April 27, 2007

Stitch Markers

I've been busy with making some awesome stitch markers. Some of the beads I had gotten from Michael's the other day for my birthday. Some of the others I made myself. Here's some of the ones I made myself.

They include a sweater, skull, a conical shaped one with zig zag pink on it (which is hard to see), a cube with swirls on both sides, a bone, a long bead with turquoise swirl and something that my daughter calls a smashy ball. Why, I'm not sure.

Here's a fuzzy close up of the skull and the sweater. The sweater I think is really cute.

Here's some of the stitch markers I made from the beads I had on hand. Working counter clockwise there's fresh water pearl, a blue and grey glass bead, a turquoise bead with flower design, a china plate like bead (I know there's a specific name for the design but I can't seem to recall it from my memory at this moment. :)), and two larger markers made from plain wire.

The skull one was so cool I decided to make it into a key chain for my husband. (The mask is my key chain, he has a stick of ram for his key chain...what a geek. :D) What do you think?

These ones were really cool. I tried wire wrapping some of the bobbles instead of just piling beads onto the wire. I think it turned out really cool. My husband really liked the black wire wrapped bead. I'm partial to the red ones myself.


Valerie said...

Those turned out beautiful!!! I love the skull and stitch markers that are wire wrapped. -=applauds=-Wonderful job!

HaLeY said... did you do the skull and the sweater and stuff...i mean..what was the materials you used?