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Friday, April 27, 2007


Well, yesterday was my 24th birthday. It was actually quite uneventful until my husband got home from work. He wanted to give me the greatest birthday present a man could give to his wife. A couple hours alone, with $100 in a Barnes & Nobles and Micheal's. This was great I thought. I would have a few hours to peruse the store without the whiny canter that my children have a tendency on bringing. A few hours without the insesant babbling of a 4 year old, a few hours without the need to clean up projectile vomit off the wall, a few hours without having to tend to someone else's needs. A few hours ALL to myself.

Then he dropped me off.

I had no idea what to do with myself.

I wandered around the book store for about an hour trying to figure out what to do. "Should I get a coffee?" "Should I sit and read?" I've never been alone before (post-children), what do I do?

Then something weird happened.

"Is that Olivia I hear?" I seriously thought I heard my daughter. Then I realized it was just my imagination. Now THAT is an indication to you need a break!

So I started to relax. I bought a book and read it in the Starbucks while slurping down a de-la-something-I can't pronounce Frapocino. Seriously, how do they expect me to order it. I was actually looking for the English translation beneath the giant (what I think were) French words. I just pointed and said, "I want that brown stuff in a medium cup."

This is the book I bought. It's really good. I WAS going to buy myself a copy of Victorian Lace Today, but wow, $30. I had seen it that morning for $18 on amazon. I'm frugal. I know.
Along with the book I got primo. I really want to start making stitch markers. I did a few last night for a friend who knits and I completely forgot to take pictures. Let's just say, they were really cute.

And beads. I definitely need to get a jewelers pliers with the rounded tips. The flat ones with the griped nose just doesn't give you a great finish to the stitch markers.

See all the pretty beads. Shiny.

Oh, and I got a little farther on my Mother's scarf. Still haven't a name. I was going to call it Bella Donna, which is Italian for beautiful lady...but my husband made a good point. Deadly nightshade (a poisonous plant) is also called belladonna and just isn't a great name for it. Shucks, and for a minute I thought I had it. I love it. When I'm done I'll post the pattern. I really really like this scarf. Kinda wish I was knitting it for myself, but alas, as is with most nice stuff I make, I usually end up giving it away. :)

Oh, and check it out. I saw this on the fence outside my window this morning. A Mallard. He just sat there for a while looking around and was seemingly unimpressed. I figure there's a pond near by and he was just checking out places to either get food or make a nest. Either way, this was kinda cool. I was going to name him Buckly Duckly, but...he flew away. Oh well.

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Valerie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A little belated but birthday well wishes all the same. I can't wait to see the Stitch Markers you make. On another note, I don't have children but I am a big sister. In fact the only child I am usually around is my 11 year old brother. So because of my always yelling and fighing with my brother, my natural reaction in a store is to want to yell at everyone else's children to stop acting like monkeys. -=giggle=- Of course I don't but I have a very low tolerance for children screaming and running choatically in stores.

Anyways. -=giggle=- Again Happy Birthday and I hope it was a wonderful one!