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Friday, December 14, 2007

Eye Candy...Shadow

I splurged on myself a bit this season. I know I shouldn't, but after seeing some yarn on sale over at knit picks I couldn't resist. I'm building a strictly lace yarn stash. I'm trying to get a bit of yarn in each weight. There's always those miscellaneous patterns that pop up from out of nowhere that say..KNIT ME!

Most of this batch is from before...the only new addition is the Redwood Forest and Vineyard. I'm not seeing the Campfire colors anymore on Knitpicks which is sad, it was such a beautiful color!

I finished the hunter hat for my Step-father for X-mas. He requested a blaze orange hat out of wool so he had one to go hunting with. I made him a hand spun green one for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. Which tickles the heart of this little knitter. This one is done in Orange/Palette from knit picks. It actually wears quite well. I knit this on #2 circs for a 22" hat. (Remember he's a 6'4" Swed). It's a little big on me (I have a small noggen.), but it's really comfy.

And something non knitting related but really cool none the less, this Monty Python holy grail bobble head. This is the black night. If you've never seen the Monty Python movie, you have too rent it immediately, it's a classic! This bobble head is for the Secret Santa Swap at my mom's X-mas party. I got it for my cousins boyfriend Joey, he's a huge Monty Python fan. He fits into my family well, since my family is a big fan of the movie. Sorry for the flash...this is a better picture here. By the way...THESE are on my X-mas wish list this year! :D


Monika said...

Lovely colors, and once in a while we have to spoil ourselves! ;o)
My kids watched Monty P.'s movies, when they didn't really understand any of them, but they liked them nevertheless, and so do I. :o)

shell said...

Oh I love the colors - and you deserve to spoil yourself!
Enjoy knitting!

Valerie said...

Tis but a flesh wound!!!! I love that movie! -=giggle=- I love that bright orange hat. I can't remember is Peruvian Wool Scratchy at all?

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Batty said...

Love all that yarn, it's so pretty! And the bright orange hat is wonderful. I think we need more bright orange when it's dark and gray outside.