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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Garter stitch dog coat

Well here it is folks. The finished dog coat. :D I hope that my cousin likes it..more so..I hope her little doggie likes it. It's made from lamb's pride worsted weight, cream and turquoise, so it has a double thickness. It's WARM!

I love the colors. In the magazine it's a red and pink held together, but I decided to work with the turquoise and white since it was more a "boy" color and didn't seem to heavy. I think it would match a Schnauzer, don't you? :D

I made the buttons from sculpy clay. I was going to do the schnauzer buttons for it, but the more I thought about it, the likely hood of that actually working isn't very realistic. I figured since the button was so small the schnauzer would have to be at least 3/4 of the size of it, but with the holes and tacking it on to the coat, you wouldn't be able to make it out. I spose I could have painted it. Ah well, another day.

I did put it on my model though. Isn't he darling?! He just looks tickled pink to be trying on a giant wool coat right after a nap!

Actually...I woke him up from his nap for the picture. Can you tell? Doesn't he look just rested after his beauty sleep?

Ssshhhhh...he's going back to sleep. :D

Well, there's been an update on my spinning wheel. If you don't remember, there was that nice lady that was going to sell me an ashord traditional for $150. I was so happy about it, I couldn't wait. I was going to take the 2 hour car ride out there to just try it out! the last minute...she writes me an email saying that she's going to keep the spinning wheel but I can buy the other one. The problem's needs major fixing and bobbins. I wasn't overly happy about that. But, what can you do? I don't think I'm going to get the old spinning wheel since I don't know where I could have it fixed around here. I'm sure there's places but, I'd rather not have to worry about that. If I was more experience and knew what I was doing, I'd feel more confident about taking it and restoring it. But, having never owned one, I wasn't very sure I could do that and feel comfortable in it. Anyways, if anyone knows where there's great places for spinning wheels..let me know. :D


KnitMoka said...

love the coat! too bad we live so far apart. i've got the exact wheel that you were going to buy, and am planning on selling it. i'm sure that you'll find the right one. have you checked craigslist?

Monika said...

I'm waiting for my second wheel, yes, that's right. I bought it on Ebay. There's lots of them. I really hope you'll find one for you, and soon. The dog coat is adorable, especially on your cat. Would he like to wear such a thing?