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Monday, December 3, 2007

ugh..a cat post

Yes...yes. Another one of those darned cat posts that people happen to do. We're cat is the cutest cat in the world and not like any other. Well..the truth cat IS the cutest cat in the world and not like any other. :D He may be a little short for his weight (a.k.a. pudgy), getting a few grey hairs (he's hitting a mid life crises), and sleeps a lot (23 hours a day to be exact) but he's mine and I love him (I'm also between knitting projects and have nothing to show, so bear with me.)

Mike has been there with me through thick an thin, heart breaks and family tragedies, meeting my husband and the birth of both of my children, holidays and boring days. He's seen it all folks.

He's been through many things himself. He's had his leg broken, as you see below, it doesn't sit right and he usually sticks it out like that when he sits. He's had broken ribs and a punctured lung (car accident). And a traumatizing incident with fried onions. (He loves them, but they give them heart burn something fierce!)

He's the only cat I know that will eat shrimp and leave the tails. Who prefers chicken smothered in herbs and seasoning over tuna.

Don't let that placid "I don't care what you think" look fool you. He's an insecure kitty that loves a reassuring cuddle every now and then.

He puts up with so much. With both my kids learning to walk and tripping on him. Both children teething and munching on that silky smooth tail of his. He's a very patient if not stubborn cat. He will refuse to move from his spot...even if his tail is being very adamantly yanked.

He is also very routine. He sleeps in the same spot at the same time every day. If I don't have a watch, I just look at the cat. I must be the only person in the world with a fully functioning cat dial.

I admit...I'm a cat person. I like the self cleaning and self pooping thing they do. They take care of that and only want to snuggle. Of course..they do it when you're pretty in the middle of a good book or right in an intricate lace row of a complicated shawl.

He's also a bit of a Garfield himself. He's got a stuffed animal that he needs to cuddle. It's a few years old now, missing an eye, missing some stuffing and really needs a washing. It's also a pony and bright pink. I initially got it for my daughter. But my cat saw it and fell in love, and with the recent laying to rest of his teddy bear, it was the perfect thing to console his heart.

Mike has to be the sweetest, cutest 1 foot tall furry best friend a girl can have. Believe me I'm the luckiest gal alive.


I'll post some knitting soon. :D I promise!


Monika said...

Awe, so cute! My dogs replace the clock on the wall too. Arent' our pets the best! :o)

Valerie said...

Oh my Goodness! He is adorable! I'm impressed that he doesn't get fiesty when his tail is grabbed. I think Sigh would run like hell and Kiya would definitely eat someone. So you have points on my cats. -=giggle=-

Lynne said...

Greetings from New Zealand !!
I was hunting for some baby knitting patterns (for a brand new extended family member - Gracie - and of course she's the cutest baby on this planet)... and I spotted your Nordic mittens pattern (thanks HEAPS for sharing this one !) - we are now moving into winter here in the South Pacific (New Zealand is just to the bottom right of Australia lol !) - so these mittens will be perfect for Gracie. Oh, and your adorable pusscat has a twin here (almost !) - our Toby is very very like him - except he's THE cutest cat on earth (he's also half Siamese and a right wee chatterbox) - have just loved exploring your site - well done you !