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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Finally...some knitting!

Edit: I just noticed that some of my pictures have a smudge on them. It's not your glasses, it was Oogie prints on the lens of my camera. It took me a while to realize this since my glasses have this permanent smudge on them from the protective coating on my glasses coming off.

Ok, I'll start off with the finished works.

A teddy bear for little Oogie. I'm not really pleased with this one. I guess I'm just picky but I don't like how I put it together. The instructions were a little convoluted so it was hard to understand. At least for me. But, I would do a lot differently next time.

A little bag for Olive. The heart was done from the free heart pattern from Mochimochi land. I did one heart and sewed it on the front.

Notice the buttons?

Some smooshy (this word always makes me smile) soft socks for my husband. They WERE meant for Christmas. But do you think he could wait until then?

And now the works in progress.

Some Mary Jane's for Olivia. They were made exactly like the last ones, but instead of 30 sts c.o. I only casted on 18 sts and made them 6" long.

A dog coat done for the secret Santa at my Mother's house. This one is for my cousin's dog Baxter. I'm going to make some buttons specially for it. Since he's a little Schnauzer I might make some buttons with a silhouette of a schnauzer on it.

And a pair of anklets with an after thought heel. This heel was a nice change from the regular gusset heel that normal cuff down socks have. I have to admit, those heels really deter me from making socks. I think it's the tediousness of it, or the interrupted flow of the knitting that bothers me. But an after thought heel is really nice. I can make up all the socks, go in and make the heels. Basically, you knit the socks, and when you get to the heel you knit half to 2/3 of the stitches on waste yarn. Go back to your regular knitting of the round with the main yarn and finish the sock. Go back and pick up the heel stitches, knit 3-4 rounds and then make another toe. Simple.

Note: A lot of people tend to sneer and look down on this heel I've noticed because it isn't your regular tailored sock heel. I agree, it isn't meant for beauty, but practicality. It's meant for knitting up socks fast and to make it easier in replacement of the heel if it gets worn down.

I know, I know..the tension on my grafted toe is miserable. I'm going to go back and fix it.

A regular sock heel. Only one sock now..more to come. This one is worsted weight on #5 needles. VERY comfy. Sad that they're for my husband and not me. :(

And finally something for myself. Composed mitts from the fall issue of Interweave Knits...which is sadly sold out. I changed the colors a bit, but I like these better anyhow. It actually knits up fast. I did this in an afternoon. Sadly, this is going to have to wait until after christmas to be finished.

Well that's it for now folks. I'll post more as I finish them. :D


Monika said...

Wow, that's a lot! I like the bear, and I'm sure Oogie doesn't care about how it's put together either. The bag for Olive is so cute, and I LOVE your buttons, they make every project even more personal. I did only one afterthought heel so far. Not exactly my favorite, but it has it's uses. Your mittens will be lovely. Didn't you say you don't get to do anything? You've managed quite a lot of projects, nevetheless. :o)

jacque said...

Looks like you've been busy and that bag is really cute! I've been trying to reach you---I have news to share---must be my crazy email---hope to hear from you soon.

Knitted Gems said...

The bear and heart purse are just adorable! I am amazed at how much you have knitted.